Does Online Dating Made Cheating Easier?

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Whether the online dating website existed or not, people who are going to cheat cannot likely be stopped from their nefarious doings. Yet, has online dating really made committing infidelity cases easier?

Online Dating websites allows individuals to become a member just by giving few information and sometimes a few bucks. Included in the information asked is your status – are you single or married. Since providing false information in an online dating website is not covered by law, it is easier to claim that you are single even if you are in a relationship. Let us answer the question through looking into one experiment conducted by Jon Millward, a writer who aims to find out how much it is easier to cheat through using an online dating website.

He created forty fake profiles divided into four categories – brazen cheats, married maybes, recently taken, and singles. After one month, both men and women cheaters received far more number of messages, with almost a thousand of messages received by cheating women from men interested in cheating while around 355 messages were sent by men who wanted to help women who falls into the ‘married maybes” category to cheat. The single category also received a huge number of text messages.

In a separate study conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, it is found out that 1 in 5 marriages turns into chaos and completely destroyed by online dating websites and the most popular social networking sites . Well, there are thousands of people in the online dating community and finding gorgeous individuals or those who meets your standards turns out to be easier than ever- you simply have to click, browse and read the profiles of those who caught your interest and voila!, the temptation turns too high.

What online dating website elements push individuals in a relationship to be unfaithful to their partner?

  • They have been long unfaithful to their partner and are constantly looking for excitement outside the relationship. Online dating websites simply give them what they want. Countless gorgeous women and men who are ready to mingle can be easily contacted.
  • It is online so hiding the fact that they are cheating is easier. All they need to do is delete the browsing history, and turn off the computer, laptop or phone. They can also create fake accounts!
  • Obviously, cheating through online dating website is hassle free. All you need is a gadget with internet access. No need to go out just to find a possible partner in cheating, even by sitting right next to their partner, they could still freely cheat.

According to Barry Schwartz in his 2004 book, freedom of choice and autonomy is crucial to human’s well-being and choice is crucial to autonomy and freedom. People nowadays have more options than our ancestors do, and hence, presumably, more autonomy and freedom. However, it seems that this do more psychological harm than good to modern generations.

Does Online Dating Made Cheating Easier? What do you think?

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