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1-Nite.com Is it a scam or legitimate? That’s the one I am asking myself before making an application for a brand new hook-up website. I’m looking for an authentic hookup that isn’t a waste of time in chat with bots.

Gather round kids, because here’s the tea: Thanks to 1-Nite.com, I now have two stable friends-with-benefits who I see on a regular basis. Both of them are adorable and curious. You could say I’ve mastered several new things in my bedroom because of these ladies.

However, that doesn’t mean that 1-Nite.com is only butterflies and rainbows. I joined an upgrade to give it an actual test drive and discovered some things to look out for.

This review will reveal every good and bad associated with the 1-Nite.com membership and whether it’s worth to sign up for.

If you do not want to read the entire review, I’ve provided some of the pros and cons. Read on to learn more information about these!


  • Millions of people who use the internet.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Registration is completely free.
  • The cost of premium isn’t bad.
  • Fetishesand kinks as well as alternative lifestyles are all welcomed.
  • The people are extremely open and eager to meet.
  • Due to the massive number of users it is easy to find people who are local, regardless of where you live.
  • People are very flexible.
  • There will be people who want to meet up right away, even in fake profiles.
  • You can download the app on your smartphone divide.


  • Bots, fakes and inactive profiles, and fraudsters are everywhere.
  • There are many advertisements.
  • You’ll not get much of the trial version.
  • Some sites redirect to different companies.
  • There are many users who don’t look good to look at.
  • Some say this was especially effective at the time it was first was launched.



What’s a Cost-Free 1-Nite.com What is a 1-Nite.com Membership?

I’ll be honest that you’re unlikely to be able connect with anyone just by signing up for the free membership. However, since 1-Nite.com is more than an online hook up website, there’s lots you can accomplish.

For instance, you can join

When you join for free you’ll also be able to be able to get an idea of the local scene and can also receive messages. Find out who’s online, who is living nearby and who 1-Nite.com’s most popular members are. You can also find more details from each profile, and narrow the search using gender and age filters.

I was a free member for an hour, and received some messages. The majority of the women who responded to messages weren’t very hot. With more than 1 million users It’s not a surprise that the members aren’t all models. I’m not the best model, but I’m not a bad one either. In addition, I’d prefer to meet an DTF woman rather than someone who’s not but walks down the runway. That’s why 1-Nite.com is able to really shine.

However, there were a handful of profiles that really peaked my curiosity. I got messages that read, “All I want is an attractive bang and I’ll be off.” To be able to contact them, I had upgrade my account.

What’s a Gold Membership?

Yes, I took the bullet , and went Gold. A few of my friends said that it was a good choice since they’ve discovered hookups on the website. 1-Nite.com does not accept Paypal as well as cryptocurrency. You can pay with Mastercard, Discover, or Visa.

As soon as I signed up to 1-Nite.com’s membership program I was introduced to many women who were in the vicinity online, or in need of to take action. Of course, they were not all beautiful but that’s okay for me. I began receiving messages nearly instantly.

Certain people also felt suspiciously like bots. It is easy to tell if you’re dealing with a bot if they’re not natural speaking or respond extremely fast. However, some were real women who desired to be with someone nearby and I was determined to be that person.

I am a very distinct style. I love women with an enormous bust, are tall as well as have eyes of blue. It’s not exactly distinctive. However, 1-Nite.com offers a specific advanced search tool that helps you find someone of the type you want to be. It is also a great resource to locate groups and couples to connect with.

Here’s an example of the level of detail you could obtain. . . And that’s just a fraction of it.

After selecting the traits that turned me on, I began my hunt for the perfect friend-with-benefits. This may be a surprise to some, but I’m definitely not a single-night-sex man. I’m not saying that, but I’m a lover of casual sex like every other person. However, I would like to maintain an ongoing relationship with a partner since I love getting comfortable with someone else and trying out the more kinkier sex that I can get forward. I hoped and prayed that 1-Nite.com would grant me a compatible friend-with-benefits.

You know what? In a matter of days, I had two.

Also, is it Actually Legit?

I’m not too surprised that some users online on the Internet tend to declare 1-Nite.com is a fraud. With millions of members and more signing up every minute to find sex and hook ups it is inevitable that there will have some disappointed customers. Many people don’t know how to utilize the Internet to meet women or what to look for in people who actually utilize 1-Nite.com to con customers.

There are definitely some concerns and some users who utilize 1-Nite.com to run their own devious schemes. If you’re smart you can use the site to bring you to the table. Also, 1-Nite.com isn’t the gold standard of hook-up websites However, it’s pretty close.

To make the most of 1-Nite.com Keep these items in your head:

  • Beware of Scammers: There will always be scammers on the Internet that want your money or your personal details. They’ll attempt to swindle your vulnerability when you’re in your weakest position. . . You might be you are looking for the hook up. Don’t give any personal information out to those who are on 1-Nite.com. They are not interested in it unless they’re trying to scamyou! If a match indicates one of the following you can be sure they are trying to trick you:
  • “I need money because I am sick.”
  • “I have legal issues, could you help me with these issues?”
  • “I have tons of cash in a safe account in the United States and I’m in need of some money to transfer it.”
  • “My friend passed away and I’m not sure how to pay for her funeral.”
  • Beware of BotsThe reality is you’ll be confronted with a variety of bots with a free membership at 1-Nite.com. They’re simple to recognize however, you should avoid them. They’re a wasted time. They’ll send you an unoriginal opener such as, “Hey big boy, seeking a fun time?” It might be attractive, but there’s really no reason to entertain such a thing.
  • Dead Profiles:Dead profiles are abandoned or inactive profiles. 1-Nite.com isn’t very good in getting rid of them and you should keep that in mind while you’re looking for hotties.
  • Do not click on the ads:There are ads on 1-Nite.com. If you do not ignore them and don’t click the ads, you’ll experience smooth experience throughout the site!
  • Be Clear About What You Need: If what you would like from 1-Nite.com is an hookup with a frisky couple, your in safe hands. This is the thing that 1-Nite.com does best – hook with two frisky users! The site has so many users on this site, that making a companion or a companion is as easy as taking candy from a toddler.
  • They won’t be able to video chat
  • The pictures are of various people
  • They look fake or have been photo-shopped.
  • Know the Models On 1-Nite.com:If what you’re seeking is a model, go to the Live-Action section on the website! Here you can see models in hot poses live on their webcams.


Last Thoughts on 1-Nite.com

There’s a problem: no hook up site is flawless. 1-Nite.com is getting close however it’s not there yet. It has ads and bots, and users aren’t all smoke and mirrors. However, 1-Nite.com is among the top hook up websites because it’s reliable! It’s also simple and quick. Gold membership is worth 2 quarters every daily for me. I am reminded of this every informal hook-up session brought into my life by 1-Nite.com.

Finding the Perfect Partner 1-Nite.com:

After you sign up You’ll be guided through several questions that assist 1-Nite.com determine your character and match you with. It’s great for relationships that are short-term and long-term. You can then choose what you prefer for your partner. Many people are using 1-Nite.com or also Casual-Fling.com and narrowing it down can save you huge amount of time. You’ll be shown the profiles of people within your vicinity, meaning you don’t need to purchase a flight ticket or shell out money for gas to be able to go wild.

1-Nite.com also offers an online Purity Test. This test will determine the degree to which you are “pure” (or prudent) your character is. It may appear like a lot of hype but it can help you determine the extent to which you’ve sex and the lengths you’re willing to go. The test will also expose you to people who will fulfill your sexual cravings.


Adult Tips for Dating:

Your hook-up experience begins by establishing a conversational premise. If you’re not sure what topic to discuss check out our infographic that will help you determine what you need you should say to make a woman want to get in that bed! Do not be too enthusiastic or too creepy. It’s important to strike the right balance between sexual and casual. If you’re not confident enough to start a conversation or think you’re an introvert, utilize 1-Nite.com’s messages to break the ice or even give a gift in virtual form! They can be in a variety of forms from emojis to actual gifts.