Online Dating Red Flags You Should Look Out

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Beware! Your eyes might be deceiving you, or perhaps that potential lover who captured your interest because of the gorgeous photos at his or her profile is not that gorgeous in person. Sure, you do not wish to fall into the trap and suffer from online dating trauma. It may be a bit exaggerated but yeah, you only have some photos of that person, which you do not even know if is genuine, and few paragraphs to go on. Before you agree to meet with that ‘potential lover’, you need to take safety precautions first. I mean, you should learn how to spot the red flags that may indicate a forthcoming dating disaster.

    1. Blurry, Vague or Group Pictures – Well, it is normal to take photos with friends at an out-of-town vacation or post blurry pictures from time to time. However, this becomes a red flag if they do not post even a single clear photo of themselves. Finding no clear photos of the owner of the profile may indicate that the person is hiding something.
    1. Signs of dominance – Mostly, when you can find domineering phrases like “I will not tolerate…”, or “I need…” at a person’s profile, chances are, they are like to be boss. Sometimes you can also find a long list of requirements for potential dates on their profile such as 6-digit salary, supermodel looks, or 6” height. Unless you can and is willing to agree to whatever that person wants or date someone who wants to get everything they want, then better walk away.
    1. Lack of communication – When you have been sending a number of emails but still got no reply, this may be an indication that you are the only one interested to developing a relationship or that person is someone other than who he claims he is.
    1. Avoiding personal questions – Asking few personal questions, such as about that person’s past, is somehow helpful to learn whether you can trust that person or not. If every time you ask something personal, the other person always diverts the discussion, then it is worth to leave a room for doubt.
    1. Get Rid of Liars. That person caught your interest because of a gorgeous photo posted on his or her profile. You send an email, start conversation, and know more about him or her only to find out that the photo on the profile is not really his or her picture or is much younger than his or her real age. Some may consider this just as fine, since you already know more about that person. Yet, the fact remains – that person lie to you. If they do it once, chances are, they will do that again.
    1. The first in-person or verbal interaction is a booty or drunk-dial call – Immediately cancel the date! Chances are a decent man will never call a potential date while he is drunk.

Be Safe!

Just because you feel unlucky in your love affairs, you will already just grab a random date. Always consider your safety first. It is online and you do not know who that person is really or what his or her motive is. It is better to be careful than be sorry at the end.


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